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Olive Oil Is About to Get Very Expensive—Here's Why

Key Points:
1. Olive oil prices are expected to rise due to droughts, heatwaves, and sub-optimal harvests.
2. Supply of sunflower oil also affected by war in Ukraine.
3. Starbucks new drink, Oleato Latte, could become more expensive.


Why Olive Oil Prices Are Increasing
- Several factors contribute to the rising cost of olive oil. During the summer of 2022, droughts and heatwaves affected olive oil-producing regions.

- Spain and Italy, major producers, face smaller harvests. Ukraine’s war has led to a decrease in sunflower oil supply, affecting all vegetable oils.


Climate Change Impact
- Casey Corn, an olive researcher, states that the changing climate will result in volatile olive production.


Starbucks Oleato Latte
- Starbucks introduces Oleato Latte, which includes real olive oil. This adds extra nutrients and calories.

- New variants of Oleato drinks are planned, including an Ice-Shaken Espresso and Golden Foam cold brew.


Final Thoughts
- The situation doesn’t seem to improve soon. Starbucks drinks will also be affected, making your next order potentially more expensive.

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