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We offer you your company a unique insight into the real world of argan oil. Forget the pictures of vendors near so-called argan trees with goats in them. These are the trees that nobody wants and that is why we let the goats eat those nuts because they are of too low quality.

For example, shepherds pay us money so that their goats can graze in the trees that we consider to be of low quality. These trees are usually all the way down on a flat level. The real argan trees are deep up in the mountains where absolutely no outsiders are welcome without the permission of the tribe.


unique insight

No one can give such a unique insight into the background of argan oil as we do. We invite you to our area and we provide a complete stay so that you can experience for yourself what you sell to your customers. We guarantee a top pure and honest product. 

Everything is possible with us. We can arrange the nuts peeled or unpeeled for you. Or we can take care of the complete process up to the argan oil. We are even in very good contact with packaging developers of all shapes and sizes.


Create your own brand whit us

You want your own rebrand? Also this is possible with us, tell us what you want and we will handle it from A to B. 

Hopefully we will hear from you soon and for more information you can always call or email.



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