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The skin is the part of the body that most comes into contact with the outside world, while protecting the inside. Because the skin is so important, daily care is necessary. Thanks to the unique composition of argan oil, the moisture balance is maintained and the skin remains resilient and healthy.

When lubricating argan oil, a pleasant scent is released with nutty hues. The oil is suitable for all skin types. It is recommended to treat dry skin generously, while oily skin only requires treatment at night.


Hair is a delicate part of the body because it is easily damaged. The use of a straightener, exhaust fumes or even the sun is sufficient to damage the hair. To prevent the hair from becoming dull, it can be treated with argan oil. The essential fatty acids, fatty acids that the body needs to function but that cannot be produced by the body, provide natural protection.

To optimally protect the hair, lubricate the hair regularly with argan oil as a mask. Then wait 20 minutes for the oil to retract. Afterwards you rinse the hair as if you are using shampoo. Or you use a special hair mask with argan oil. In addition to treatments with argan oil, a shampoo with argan oil is also recommended. This way your hair will shine back and get more volume.



Argan oil-based creams are best suited for the daily care of the face. You can also apply a mask once a week. This way the skin is nourished and restored. Applying a mask is very simple: You apply the oil to the face so that it can absorb for 15 minutes.

When you then remove the oil with a cotton pad, your skin will feel smooth and well-cared for again. You can also choose to order a special argan oil face mask, extra nourishing and cleansing. In addition to the caring aspect, argan oil also has an anti-inflammatory function. The oil reduces pimples and soothes restless skin.


By exposing the nails to water and bacteria, they become dull, the hands dry out and sheets of cuticles are formed. Painful and unkempt hands are the result. Argan oil can help with the care of nails and hands.

Rub hands regularly to moisturize and make nails shine and firm. To avoid cuticle peeling, the oil can be used by massaging the fingers and nails. This way, the argan oil can withdraw for maximum results. Do not use nail polish immediately afterwards to avoid disrupting the oil!



Instead of a bath oil with artificial fragrances, argan oil can be used to relax in the bath. Argan oil is made without artificial fragrances and has a character odor with nutty hues. Despite its neutral nature, the oil has a calming effect. A dash of argan oil is sufficient to relax and leave the bath reborn.

In addition to the relaxing effect, the skin and hair are also nourished. In winter there is nothing more wonderful than a warm bath with argan oil! In our webshop you can also order bottles of argan oil with added fragrances, such as argan oil with lavender.

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