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Fenugreek (seed) 250gr (€5)

Fenugreek (seed) 250gr (€5)

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Fenugreek is rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Fenugreek is rich in iron and copper. It is a super healthy product in itself to use now and then with your food. It supports resistance and immunity.

Fenugreek can promote weight gain and is therefore often used by people who are underweight and have difficulty gaining weight due to healthy eating. People who have no appetite, it also promotes your appetite, making you eat better. Result is almost 100%. Fenugreek is not a myth but truth. It has been used by our grandparents for decades. We now use it ourselves and with our children. Perfect for children to use in moderation.


Fenugreek can be taken in several ways. A specific recommended amount has also not been established

You can add a small spoon to your food of the powder form or of the seeds. You will notice the powder the least in your food. It gives a very healthy addition to your food.

If you really want to use it to gain weight. Then you have to see what suits you best, the powder or the seeds. Both have the same effect. Take a small spoonful and then drink it with water. If it's the seeds, don't chew them, just swallow them. You can do that daily for a while and then taper off a bit. But maintain it even when your appetite is back.

Use in children
If they don't like it or find it difficult to swallow, you can soak the seeds in a little water for a few hours and then add them to their favorite drink a little at a time without them noticing. That is the best application for children. Or add the powdered fenugreek to their food.

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